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Massage Bolsters: Performance Boosters

A good body massage is synonymous with bliss! Massaging abates stress which is imperative for a healthy and fit body. However, the success of massage therapy not only depends on a few vital elements such as massage oils but also certain accessories like the massage bolsters. Massage bolsters help the patient to derive maximum comfort possible within the limitation of their lying or sitting positions while being massaged. The various bolsters focus on a particular limb or a region in the body and provide a relaxing posture to the patient and easy maneuverability to the masseur.

Types of Massage Bolsters

Masseurs should be able to move in ways he needs to in order to minister to the patient. Bolsters are the accessories that ably assist him in this task. Massage bolsters are usually filled with cotton or fiber and serve the purpose of a head rest or a support for back. A wide plenitude of lying positions is possible with the use of different types of bolsters. Side lying positioning system, angle bolsters, pregnancy bolsters, full round bolsters, extra-large round bolsters, 3 quarter round bolsters, neck bolsters, neck contours, half round bolsters, peak bolsters, flat bottom bolsters et al are meant for their specific massage usages.

Some muscles can only be reached for full machinations if the massage cushion is positioned strategically at a particular place. For instance, the posterior deltoids can be accessed with relative ease if a bolster is positioned under the upper arm. Thus, the use of massage bolsters and cushions play a pivotal role in achieving the desired results.

Benefits of Massage Bolsters

  • When the head positioned on a bolster while bending forward, the effect on brain is far calming than otherwise.
  • Bolsters support the body and prevent hot flashes that are caused by tension or gripping.
  • Use of bolsters ensures that the reclining position is attained and sustained without difficulty thereby providing maximum relation to the whole body.
  • When neck, ankles or knees are supported by bolsters, muscle strain is done away with.

Massage and position

The patient's positioning during massage is given due consideration while designing and manufacturing massage bolsters. Flexible fibers are used to pad the surface to alleviate the chances of discomfort for the person lying down on them. In case someone receives therapy while sitting on a chair, he or she would need to sit in positions that permit the masseur to maneuver himself during his administration of the massage. Massage bolsters come in handy for such occasions.

Furthermore, a massage cushion is made of materials that are easily washable and dries quickly too. Particularly for hygienic purposes, a massage cushion may need to be cleaned after it is used so that the oil and sweat on it is thoroughly removed.

An expert therapist studies the individual case and decides on which bolster to use for whom. To cite an example, when the client is lying inert, the pressure on the lower back will build up. To do away with this pressure, a bolster support under the knees is much called for.

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