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Massage Oils: Multifarious Benefits

Feeling wrecked by the burden of a frenetic lifestyle? Time for a therapeutic massage! A well-executed massage therapy can aid in enhanced blood circulation, elimination of harmful toxins and significant promotion of the parasympathetic nervous system of the body. However, the type of massage oil used plays a key role in yielding the desired results. As per their individual properties, different massage oils offer different after-effects.

The general health of a person who undergoes regular massages with oils is enhanced manifold. Additionally, massaging with appropriate oils substantially alleviates certain types of pains. Regular massage also provides the much needed nourishment to the skin. While massaging, oil enters millions of pores in the skin and imparts it with flexibility and tautness. Further, as the tense muscles get softened, utmost relaxation and a feeling of calm descend upon the recipient. The collective benefit of massage oils is a noteworthy reduction in inflammation, stress and aging process.

Types of Massage Oils

Cold-pressed massage oils have a remarkable longevity as they do not go through rigorous procedures while being extracted and therefore do not lose their efficacy to quite an extent. Depending upon your preference you can choose from a wide plethora of essential oils such as sweet almond, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, borage oil, castor oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, kukui nut oil, olive oil.

The cooling properties of coconut oil considerably reduce heightened temperature in the body on a hot day in addition to fighting wrinkles. On the other hand, in case you are feeling cold, use massage oils such as sesame or olive oil. These oils work against free radicals and stimulate the cellular function of the body.

Purchase of Massage oils

Prices of massage oils vary not only according to the oil but also according to the purposes. If sensuality needs to be prioritized over physical relaxation, the price is likely to be on the higher side. The ingredients in the oil should be given a careful reading before the purchase. A humungous variety of massage oils is available, both at online stores as well as regular retail shops.

Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is of many types but all work by helping recipients inhale air that is infused with medicinal properties. The rising fumes can clear the lungs, subdue head-aches and tranquilize a stressed mind. Furthermore, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms in the environment are killed by the aroma. To cite two oils, chamomile oil fume soothes an irritated skin remarkably whereas carrot oil banishes the blemishes on the skin.

A candle diffuser heats up the oil in a reservoir attached to it and fumes rise from the oil. You can also find a fan essential oil diffuser which blows air on an absorbent pad soaked with oil and spreads the aroma. Another variety is the nebulizer which breaks up the oil into its molecules and disseminates them around. You may buy an essential oil diffuser according to the size of the room.

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