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Choosing Table Features

Choosing Your Massage Table Padding

The factors that you should consider in choosing your table foam are modality requirements, comfort, durability, weight and working surface.

Comfort is important for the client, especially in relaxing types of bodywork. It is also important to the therapist. You want a well-padded table edge to lean against and enough thickness to keep knees and elbows from bottoming out. Our 2" double-layer foam is an excellent all around choice. Thicker foam offers the ultimate in comfort. If you really want to pamper your clients choose our 3" deluxe foam.

Durability is largely a matter of foam density. Many people mistakenly equate density to firmness. Density relates directly to the weight of the foam and not the firmness. The advantage to denser foam is that it will not break down and take a set over time. All of the Stronglite foams have enough density to last a lifetime of steady use and never take a set.

Choosing Your Face Rest

Almost all therapist use a face rest with their massage table. The face rest provides a comfortable resting place for the client's head and positions the neck and shoulder for easy access by the therapist. It also effectively lengthens the table by about 10" so even really tall clients will fit comfortably. There are two models of face rest available on the market: non-adjustable and adjustable. Stronglite's patented Double-Action Plus Face Rest is an advanced version of our most comfortable, easy to use and most copied face rest. The Double-Action Plus Face Rest has a unique v-shaped bar that eliminates uncomfortable chin-contact and adjusts in both an up and down motion as well as a tilting motion with just one quick adjustment lever.

Other Stronglite Massage Table Options

Stronglite offers the following massage table options for your needs and preferences. You may want to consider:

Standard on all of our tables, Reiki End Plates on the legs with a specially shaped plate that allows a therapist to sit with their legs under the end of the massage table.

The Arm Support is a padded platform that hangs under the face rest and supports the client's arms when draped over the end on the massage table. This is a very comfortable position in which to receive a massage and opens up the scapula area for easier access by the therapist. Available for all table models.

The Massage Table End Extension is a padded plate that mounts on the end of the massage table just like the face rest (all Stronglite portable massage tables have face rest mounts on both ends). It is designed to add an extra 10" of working surface to your table. The Massage Table End Extension is available with or without a face rest hole. Available for all portable massage table models.

The Side Extension IIs add 6" of width to your table so your client's arms will rest comfortably. Side Extension IIs can be used on a narrow table to save weight, improve portability and increase access to the client from the side. Available on all portable massage table models except the Versalite massage table .

Stabilizer Bars, standard on all wooden Stronglite portable massage tables, connect the two folding braces on each end of the massage table. These oak bars add a more rigid feel to your massage table and make opening and closing easier.

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