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Choosing The Right Massage Table

As a bodywork professional your massage table is arguably the most important piece of equipment you will purchase. The right massage table is a great aid in making your practice enjoyable and profitable. Stronglite offers the following general guidelines to help you select a massage table that will best serve your needs. Please be aware that your modality of bodywork may have special massage table requirements that you should take into account when making your selection. If you are not sure about your portable massage table requirements, please ask a professional or an instructor in your modality.

Choosing the Portable Massage Table Model For You

There are three main factors in choosing the right Stronglite portable massage table model for you.

The first factor to consider is the modality or type of massage/bodywork that you do. In general all Stronglite portable massage table models are suitable for general wellness massage or any moderately vigorous type of bodywork where the therapist stands basically upright and works on a prone client. If you do a very vigorous modality that involves rapid movement, impact or getting on the table with your client we recommend our Classic Deluxe massage table or Premier massage table models. If you require your table to lie flat for such modalities Classic Deluxe massage table model will accommodate you. The lowest height any Stronglite massage table will go to is 22". This makes our portable massage tables generally unsuitable for Rolfing, chiropractic or other modalities that require a very low table height.

The second factor is the amount of traveling that you do with your table. Ease of setup and weight are important for travel. All Stronglite portable massage tables set up in seconds, but if you plan on traveling with your portable massage table quite a bit, consider the Versalite massage table . This versatile model was designed to be lighter in weight, thus easy to transport, yet built to withstand your busy practice. Keep in mind that a carrying case will make transporting your table a lot easier and protect it too.

The third factor is your budget. Stronglite's goal is to provide you with the best quality portable massage equipment at the lowest possible price. You'll notice that our pricing is quite competive. In fact, we believe that dollar for dollar, value for value there is not a portable massage table or portable massage chair out there that can outperform ours. All Stronglite Portable Massage Tables are built to last a lifetime (see our transferable lifetime warranty).

See our portable massage table specifications chart for a summary of models, specifications and options.

Choosing Your Massage Table Height

Most manufacturers offer a 10" height adjustment range on their portable tables. All Stronglite portable massage tables except the Versalite massage table have a 13" height adjustment range from 22" to 35". This should accommodate most modalities and therapist from 5 feet to over 6 feet tall. The Versalite massage table adjusts from 22" to 32" in height and may be a bit low for therapist over 6 feet tall.

Choosing Your Massage Table WidthFor most general wellness massage choose a 29" - 31" width depending on your size and the size of your clients. There is a tradeoff between your comfort and the comfort of your client. Wider massage tables have more room for larger clients but may create ergonomic problems for therapists under 5'4". Narrower massage tables are also easier to transport and setup for therapists under 5'4". Be aware that some modalities may require different table widths.

For information about Choosing the Right Massage Table Padding, Massage Accessories and Options, please use this link: Massage Table Options.

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