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Massage Accessories

Massage Accessories and Supplies from Stronglite

We have a large selection of portable massage table accessories and supplies. Whatever add-on you need for your massage table we will likely have it. And because of our unique relationships with vendors we provide you quality supplies at an affordable price. At Stronglite you will get the best of the best; the best design, best craftsmanship, best materials and as always the best customer services. We have bolsters, face rests, memory foam pads, table extensions, arm rests, folding shelves, stools, carrying cases, carts, sheets & covers, pad & warmers, oil holsters, and more.

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  1. Travelmate



    The TravelMate is a massage support system that allows practitioners to bring massage therapy anywhere. Able to position in seconds and able to provide balanced support for a client’s head and chest. It even works with clients in wheelchairs. The go-everywhere TravelMate weighs a mere 9 pounds and comes with a carry case. Learn More
  2. Deluxe Adjustable Platform

    Deluxe Adjustable Platform


    The Deluxe Adjustable Platform is designed to fit most tables that have an 8" distance between the holes on the end plate. Learn More
  3. Curve Platform

    Curve Platform


    The Curve Platform features a curved design that reduces pressure on the sinuses and other key areas of the face. Learn More
  4. Flex-Rest Headrest Platform

    Flex-Rest Headrest Platform


    The innovative Flex-Rest™ self-adjusting platform moves and pivots to adapt to the distinctive shape of your client's face. Learn More
  5. Rolling Stool Cover

    Rolling Stool Cover


    Bring life back to your stool without breaking the bank! Change your stool color as many times as you would like with our new Stool Cover! It is made to fit our 15” round pneumatic stool like a second skin, but also fits most stools with 15” round seats. Simply slip it on. Learn More
  6. Adjustable Stool From Stronglite

    Adjustable Stool From Stronglite


    This comfortable, pneumatically Adjustable Stool has a height range of 19 3/4” to 27 3/4” inches and is equipped with heavy-duty carpet casters and easily adjusts with only a pull on the lever. Learn More
  7. Rolling Stool with Back

    Rolling Stool with Back


    Our stools offer rugged construction, 3-inch padded seat and has a 350 lb. weight limit. The perfect compliment to your table, with a height range of 19 to 27 inches and wheels for ease of movement. Learn More
  8. Deluxe Fleece Pad Set By Stronglite

    Deluxe Fleece Pad Set By Stronglite


    This Deluxe Fleece Pad Set is a soft one inch thick fleece that fully wraps around the sides of the table. Set includes fleece table pad and fitted crescent cover. Learn More
  9. Basic Fleece Pad Set from Stronglite

    Basic Fleece Pad Set From Stronglite

    Our natural-color Basic Fleece Pad Set fits snugly with elastic bands, and helps hold the sheet in place. Padded insulation holds body heat in winter and helps cool your clients in summer by wicking perspiration away. Set includes table pad and crescent cover. Washable. Learn More
  10. Flannel Bolster Covers

    Flannel Bolster Covers


    Our are made of the same flannel material as our Sheet Set. Choose the size to fit your bolster. Learn More

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