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Kelly Metz-Matthews

Stronglite® Announces the First Massage Table Designed for Women, the Prima™

Salt Lake City, Utah – April 25, 2012 – Stronglite ( (SL), a premier brand in massage tables, chairs, and accessories in the spa and massage industry, announces the addition of the Prima™ massage table to its renowned repertoire of products.

The Prima™ is the first and only table inspired by and designed for women, embodying all that is graceful, yet strong. Contoured to fit the natural curves of the body and upholstered in Stronglite’s new VelveTouch™ upholstery, the Prima™ offers style, comfort, and innovation to therapist and client alike. Designed for today's on-the-go professional, the Prima™ has a strong, lightweight, and cleverly-designed frame. Available in a myriad of playful color choices (Midnight, Sand, Plum, Jade, Celeste, and Blush), the Prima™ is the epitome of modern, out-of-the-box femininity.

"We really broke the mold with the Prima™," explains Stronglite President, Bruce Eatchel. "Women make up a significant portion of the massage industry and we wanted to address their unique needs. We wanted a table they could love the look of and still feel confident using. We believe we achieved this balance with the Prima™." The Prima™ offers a mélange of tangible benefits to practitioners and clients. According to Eatchel, the Prima™ is comfortable, functional, and easy to transport. What’s more, its unique hourglass design allows for maximum accessibility.

Considering the stunning array of available color choices and silky-smooth upholstery, it isn’t surprising that the Prima™ is already proving to be a crowd-pleaser. At the American Massage Conference in San Diego from June 20-22, Stronglite previewed the Prima™ to significant industry acclaim. Eatchel explains, "We're thrilled with the feedback we’ve already received. At this weekend’s conference, the Prima™ proved to be almost irresistible to touch. In both functionality and playfulness of design, she truly stands apart."

To learn more about or to purchase Stronglite's Prima™, contact Stronglite Sales at: (877) 837-1745 or

About StrongLite

For over 20 years, Stronglite has provided massage equipment to the bodywork community. Stronglite’s goal is to supply innovative massage tables, massage chairs and massage accessories at competitive prices, so that massage therapists can continue to make an impact on the people, companies, and communities they serve. Stronglite is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with operations on three continents. Stronglite has also been a dedicated partner in global relief programs and hands-on efforts.

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Cassandra Bayles – (800)-289-5487

StrongLite Introduces New Curve Headrest™ And Curve Crescent™ Cushion.

Salt Lake City, Utah – June 29, 2011 – StrongLite ( (SL), a premier brand in massage tables, chairs and accessories in the spa and massage industry, announces two new additions to their growing product catalog – the Curve Headrest™ and Curve Crescent™ Cushion.

Engineered to provide a more comfortable fit than traditional flat facecradles, the StrongLite Curve Headrest features a curved design that reduces pressure on the sinuses and other key areas of the face. Easily adjustable dual action with the simple manipulation of one lever (tilt, elevation, lower chin bar), the increased range of motion allows greater access to the neck and head during any therapy session. In addition, a greater distance between the client and chin bar enhances comfort and relaxation. The Crescent Cushion features luxurious memory foam cushioning that gently conforms to the unique shape of any client’s face.

"Our StrongLite Curve Headrest and Curve Crescent Cushion are just two of the new products that we will be featuring in the coming months, and we are extremely proud of these two innovations within our product line,” says StrongLite President, Bruce Eatchel. “The new curved design of the headrest was engineered to offer incredible client comfort, while addressing the need for additional chin bar distance between it and the client and enhanced adjustment maneuverability. This design was directly inspired by our customers, and we are pleased to offer this crucial enhancement to allow them to perform their wide range of therapies more efficiently and with even more confidence in our ability to evolve as their own needs evolve.”

The StrongLite Curve Headrest features a new base with dowels measuring 8” on center to fit many StrongLite Professional tables, while the new Curve Crescent Cushion offers 2.5” Memory Foam cushioning wrapped in a choice of Soft Touch Upholstery or Satin Touch Upholstery. Both items are available individually or as a package.

To learn more about or purchase StrongLite’s Curve Headrest or Curve Crescent Cushion, contact SL Sales at: (877) 837- 1745 or

About StrongLite

For over 20 years, StrongLite has provided massage equipment to the bodywork community. StrongLite’s goal is to supply innovative massage tables, massage chairs and massage accessories at competitive prices, so that massage therapists can continue to make an impact on the people, companies and communities they serve. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with operations on three continents. StrongLite has also been a dedicated partner in global relief programs and hands-on efforts.

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Lynn Gilbert – 800.872.0560

EarthLite® Announces Global Employee Donation Match Program To Aid Relief For Victims of Japanese Tsunami Disaster

Vista, California – March 15, 2011 – EarthLite, Inc., ( the premier brand in professional massage equipment for nearly 40 years, along with its sister companies, StrongLite ( and Living Earth Crafts (, announces an immediate Employee Donation Match Program to assist with the medical needs of the thousands injured in the earthquake and tsunami devastation of Japan this month.

On Friday, March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck 80 miles from Sendai off the east coast of Honshu, Japan, triggering a tsunami that caused massive damage along the coastline with powerful waves sweeping away cars and buildings. The death toll is expected to reach more than 10,000. Over 6000 are confirmed dead or missing at present.

EarthLite, headquartered in Vista, CA, has global operations extending well into Asias, including a distribution center in Tokyo and numerous sales partners close to the center of the worst destruction. When EarthLite employees heard about the widespread devastation, they came together to service this tremendous need with the help of the American Red Cross.

“The Red Cross relief teams are doing a fantastic job over there. They were the overwhelming choice of our EarthLite team when determining where our donations will make the most immediate impact during this critical time so soon after the disaster,” says Jim Chenevey, CEO of EarthLite.

“We have employees with family in Japan. The response from our team has been spectacular – I’m so touched by everyone’s generosity. As soon as we heard the news, everyone asked what they could do to help in any way,” says Tomas Nani, Founder of EarthLite.

EarthLite is no stranger to providing aid. Their EarthLite Response Team (ERT), a group of handpicked massage therapists, was created to deliver massage therapy to victims and relief workers in the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami disaster in December of 2004, and later for Hurricane Katrina in the United States. EarthLite is currently exploring options to work with its local partners based in Japan to assist in even more relief efforts directly at the worst damaged sites.


About EarthLite

EarthLite is headquartered in Vista, California with operations on three continents. For nearly 40 years, EarthLite has been the number one brand in massage tables in the spa and massage industry, producing premium quality equipment using sustainable manufacturing practices and materials. They have also been a dedicated partner in global relief programs and hands-on efforts.

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Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia and Piriformis Muscle Syndrome

Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia and Piriformis Muscle Syndrome

By Boris Prilutsky

Sciatic nerve neuralgia is considered to be one of the most difficult abnormalities of the support and movement system. Clinical expressions of sciatic nerve neuralgia include sharp pain irradiating to the lower extremities which increases during any of the patient’s attempts to move and of course limited range of motion on all axes and planes. Usually, when a patient appears at the doctor’s office with such a difficult clinical picture, in addition to prescribing painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and/or utilizing injections, the doctor will usually refer the patient for radiological examination. Today, the most common radiological examinations are the MRI and/or CT scan. In many cases, MRI test detects bulging and/or herniation of discs. If symptoms are not alleviated in a period of a few weeks due to conservative methods of treatments (above mentioned oral or injected medication) consideration will be given to surgical intervention. The problem is that in many cases, this difficult neurological picture is not the result of the disc herniation, but is actually the result of piriformis muscle syndrome.

Anatomy of the Piriformis Muscles

The Piriformis muscle originates from the anterior surface of the sacrum and inserts into the greater trochanter. It shares the passage through the greater sciatic foramen with several important nervous and vascular structures including nerves which provide innervation to pelvic inner organs, the gluteals, and the lower extremities. The piriformis muscles can accumulate tension to the point that they will start compressing/ impinging sciatic nerve and awaking in some cases intolerable pain in the buttocks and lower back with irradiation to the extremities.

Sciatica nerve neuralgia can be the result of compression of the S1 spinal nerve as well as due to the compression of the sciatic nerve by over-tensed piriformis muscles. If patients with symptoms of sciatica have the ability to bend forward without awaking pain, most likely the sciatica neuralgia is the results of piriformis muscle syndrome.

The Causes for Accumulation of Tension in the Piriformis Muscles

1. Due to spondylosis, including herniation of disc, spinal nerves can be irritated (please do not confuse irritation of the spinal nerve with compression of the spinal nerve.) Irritation of the spinal nerves that provide innervation to the piriformis muscles (S1 spinal nerve) will cause a gradual accumulation of tension in these muscles, to the point that they will compress the sciatic nerve.

2. Physical overload of the muscles such as vigorous exercise, job performances that put too much static load on the piriformis muscles, hormone changes, exposure to toxins, physical and/or psychological trauma, etc.

Once, I presented to a group of doctors on medical massage and I mentioned the importance of medical massage treatment in cases of sciatic nerve neuralgia. I also pointed out that in many cases, herniation of the intervertebral disc does not play the main cause for this difficult clinical picture. One of the young doctors who attended my presentation said to me “According to you, many spinal surgeries are performed unnecessarily,” to which I replied, “This is true.” This young doctor asked me the following question: “How can I explain that after surgery this terrible irradiating pain to the extremities disappeared?” I replied, “Under total anesthesia, all muscles drop any tension they were holding. Thus, if the cause of this neurological picture was over-tensed piriformis muscles, the post-anesthesia patient experiences immediate relief from the shooting pain to the lower extremities. Massage therapy procedure in cases of sciatic neuralgia is directed at reducing the tension in piriformis muscles, which in turn will impinge/compress nerve less, as well as to eliminate trigger points that possibly can be developed on the pathways of sciatica nerve and branches.

Boris Prilutsky, MA

A member of the Earthlite family of companies EMT/LEC/MTO/SMT